Bistro Morgan

Morgan Hipworth aka Bistro Morgan has been providing artisanal hand-made and hand-dipped doughnuts to restaurants and cafes around Melbourne since January 2015. It was when Pillar of Salt in Richmond ordered their first batch of doughnuts when it all took off for Bistro Morgan.

Unlike lots of commercially produced doughnuts, Bistro Morgan’s doughnuts are soft and light inside, and his flavour range excites the palate, tasting just like the flavour they claim to be. By way of instance, the fruit loops doughnut is dipped in white chocolate, injected with a custard-filled syringe and topped with multi-coloured fruit loops, reminiscent of eating milk and cereal for breakfast. Other flavours include Lemon crème Brulee, Golden Gaytime, Fairy floss, Milk chocolate, white chocolate, not to mention a number of glazes.

Bistro Morgan was providing Melbourne’s cafes with his specialisation doughnuts before opening his own shop in early 2017, he now provides doughnuts all across Melbourne.

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190 High Street Windsor 3181
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